Donousa Trail Running 2019

Oct 18, 2019 — Oct 19, 2019 • Category: Events

Join the third mountain trail running race under the name “The Round of Donoussa” on the island of Donoussa!
The program of events includes a 19km mountain race, rising to an elevation of 1000m in total. The race will start from the harbor of Stavros.
The runners are required to run along each one of the traditional trails comprising the Route Network of Cultural Interest of Donoussa, in par excellence Cycladic landscape with a constant view over the Aegean, traversing the mountain mass of the island in its entirety and passing through all four of the villages of Donoussa. In this way, the runners will have the chance to get a better knowledge of the land, its natural beauty, its people.
The goal of the event is to showcase the hiking trails of the island, to attract more alternative tourism and to spread the value of sportsmanship and of the love of nature.
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