Half of Kouros statue found in Despotiko

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Stuck for centuries at the doorstep of the temple of Apollo at the location Mandra of Despotiko, a small island opposite Antiparos, the other half of a Parian Kouros (male statue), was finally found underground and came to light after 26 centuries. The temple of Apollo had been turned to a church and at the doorstep at the entrance of the church, this statue was found. Just recently, a team of archeologists had discovered the upper part of the Parian Kouros at a reverse position. The back of the statue was already damaged and archaeologists believe that his hand was placed over the center of the chest. The director of the excavation, Giannos Kouragios, stressed on the importance of this discovery, as this is the third Kouros found in the same position. This Kouros is a typical feature of the Parian sculptures at the end of the 6th century B.C. Archaeologists believe that Kouros will not remain headless, while there is a great chance that the marble head has already been found at the excavations conducted last year. Five large buildings were also discovered at the neighboring island of Tsimidiri, presently uninhabited. The sanctuary of Despotiko was dedicated to god Helios and it is considered among the 22 largest sanctuaries of Cyclades. The photo is from www.tanea.gr