Andros Faneromeni Castle

The Castle of Faneromeni on Andros in Greece, Cyclades: The Castle of Faneromeni is located in close proximity to Kochylou, Andros island. The Castle dates back to the Middle Ages and it was built to ward off pirate attacks on the island. The location of the castle is very strategic with a terrain which is literally inaccessible and at the same time offering endless sea vistas to keep an eye on the pirates.

The interior of the Castle is well protected by impregnable walls and some portions of the wall are still in very good conditions. Visitors to the castle can view the vestiges and remnants of a number of structures that stood here. Legend has it that there exist a few tunnels which extended all the way to the coast of Melissa. The Castle is not in good condition today, but it is a frequent trekking destination on the island.