Lassithi Lake Voulismeni

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Location: Agios Nikolaos

The most charming feature of Agios Nikolaos is its lake. Also known as Lake Voulismeni, it is a breathtaking sight, surrounded by trees and stunning red rocks which bring out an interesting contrast to the surrounding landscape. Its unique vertical walls have led some to believe that it was created by a sunken volcano but, in reality, it is the mouth of an underground river. Connected to the sea directly through a channel, Agios Nikolaos Lake is considered the town landmark and is extremely popular with tourists.

According to mythology, Athena and Artemis once bathed in the water of this magnificent lake. Until the 19th century, locals thought it was bottomless. Its deep dark water is mesmerizing, and food joints and shops surround it. Colorful boats are moored along it, adding to its beauty. Easily accessible, Lake Voulismeni is definitely worth a visit by anyone passing through the beautiful town of Agios Nikolaos.



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