Listing of Knossos as World Heritage Site

• Category: News

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Culture Ministry informed everyone about the completion of all the necessary steps, required of the inclusion of the archaeological site of Knossos on Crete, in to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The Ministry further specified that now it was the turn of all the bodies, which so far have been stagnant, to show some action to ensure that Knossos receives the treatment and recognition it deserves.
This announcement was made following a newspaper report, which quoted the prefect of Heraklion, who put the blame for Knossos not being on the World Heritage Sites list of 2006, on the ministry as well as UNESCO services.
Acknowledging the fact that UNESCO had agreed to include Knossos in the list as far back as 2003, provided some additional infrastructure changes were made, the Ministry also said that the local archaeological service has been informed about the UNESCO specifications according to which the additions were to be made.