Gate of Pantokrator opened to public

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The Gate of Pantokrator, also known as Chanioporta, opened yesterday to the residents and visitors of Heraklion Crete. This is one of the most improtant gates of the largest fortification work in the Meditarrenean, the Venetian Walls of Heraklion. The Gate of Pantokrator is the largest gate in the town with a surface of about 600 sq.m., while its main feature is the two corridors: the left corridor was used for the civilians and the right corridor for the soldiers. The facade of the gate was built in 1567 by the Venetian architect Michele Sammincheli. In the early 20th century, the south part of the gate was demolished to make a passageway for pedestrians and cars. In 1915, a bridge was constructed under which the main road of the town passes today. Th Gate has been perfectly lightened. It is open on weekdays (Monday-Friday), from 8.30 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.