Chania Souda Fortress

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Location: Souda

Just opposite Izzedin Fortress in Chania lies the small, lush island of Souda, where the Venetians built one of the strongest castles in Crete. The Souda Fortress covers the whole islet and was considered impregnable. Built by the Venetians in 1573, on top of an older, smaller structure, this fortress was located at the mouth of Souda Bay, protecting the locals from pirate raids and enemy invasions.

Although Crete was taken by the Ottoman Empire in 1669, the Souda fortress managed to remain under Venetian control, during which period it served as a refuge for rebellious Greeks. It was finally turned over to the Ottomans 46 years later, following a 72-day siege. Foreign garrisons were finally removed in 1898 when the Cretan State gained its autonomy. The Greek flag was raised here on February 1st, 1913 before Crete’s integration into Greece was officially announced.

Today, the fortress is covered in trees, planted in 1966 by the Hellenic Navy, turning the fortress into a beautiful park that combines history with nature. The fortifications, which were designed by Latino Orsini, mostly maintain their structural integrity to this day. In addition to the ramparts and bastions, however, the fortress also included storehouses, water tanks, an infirmary, civilian housing, a windmill, a prison and churches, including the catholic monastery of Saint Nicholas.

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