Festival of Neighborhood

May 26, 2009 — May 26, 2009 • Category: Events
The Festival of the Neighbourhood will take place next Tuesday, 26th May, the evening in three spots of Chania town: in Chalepa neighborhood Meintani square, in Pachiana neighborhood and in Agios Ioannis neighborhood Mefa street. As the major of Chania, Mr Kiriakos Virvidakis, stressed out, "this festival encourages better co-existence of the inhabitants and develops solidarity in local level". This festival started in 1999 in Paris and soon spread in many European countries. This is the first time that this festival is held in Chania and all inhabitants and visitors are welcome to join. Local associations will participate in the organization of this festival, which will include Cretan dancing, traditional dishes made by locals, bazaars and of course social discussions. The festival "aims to bring inhabitants together, so that we can have fun, discuss our problems, be friendlier one to the other and improve our quality of life", said the major of Chania, while the vice major of the town, Mrs Charoula Milonaki, added that "in our times, few people exchange a couple of words with their neighbours, while it is much easier to start a conversation with a person in the other side of the world".