August Full Moon Concert 2023

Aug 31, 2023 — Aug 31, 2023 • Category: Events

Under the bright lights of the August Full Moon, the village of Rokka in the municipality of Kissamos will host an impressive concert on the 31st of August, 2023, as part of the yearly art celebrations of Giortes Rokkas!

The second full moon of August will present itself as the perfect sight to behold under the orchestral sounds! Rokka Festival will present the masterpiece that is the cantata of Carmina Burana, a lengthy work from the legendary educator of music and highly-regarded German composer Carl Orff! Except for that, other exceptional musical works are part of the schedule. Housed at the Archaeological Site of Rokka, the concert will have no entrance fee, whereas you can travel to Rokka using the KTEL bus services (leaving from Chania at 19:00 and the nearby town of Kissamos at 20:00) at a cost of 5 euros!

This stunning, thrilling work of western-classical art will be performed by the soprano Maya Mourignelli, the tenor voice of Antonis Koroneos, the low baritone voice of Federico Longhi, the Phondia Vocal Ensemble, and a variety of choirs, namely the choir of Heraklion Music School, the Academic Choir of the Youth of Athens, the Youth Choir of the Heraklion Regional Unit, the Choral Ensemble of Heraklion, and the mesmerizing Percussion and Piano Ensemble of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Athens!