Attica Festivals

As the peninsula of Attica hosts Athens, the capital of Greece, there are many cultural festivals organized all year round. Very encouraging is also the fact that over the last years, many festivals are organized by local communities and not by state organizations. Such can be chess, theatre, cinema or dance festivals in various towns of Attica.

Greek Festival

The most famous festival in Attica is the Greek Festival that takes place in summer and hosts drama performances, musical concerts and art exhibitions in many venues of Athens, including the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, located just at the foot of the Acropolis. (

Rockwave Festival

A very famous festival of Attica is also the Rockwave Festival that takes place every year in early summer in Malakasa, a small town on the northern side of Attica, 40 km from Athens. (

Aeschilia Festival

Also in summer, most suburban towns of Attica organize their own festivals that attract many people there. Such is Aeschilia Festival that is held every September in the town of Elefsina and includes art exhibitions and many drama performances.

Discover the festivals in each region

Information about the festivals in the regions of Attica: