Athens Kart

Athens, with its lovely weather and easy going atmosphere, is the perfect place for racing lovers! The city has a considerable number of kart facilities, some located near the town center while others in the suburban areas, where visitors can take courses or spend moments of high speed and fun with their friends and family. Especially during the spring and summer months, when it is warm and sunny on a daily basis, visiting a seaside kart is an ideal option!

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Athens Circuit

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The recently renovated motorway Athens Circuit is the first car track ever created in Greece, at Megara city. Located within a short distance of 35km from the center of Athens, Athens Circuit was founded in 1994 to mark its official opening in 1998.


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What better way to spend a day with your friends and family other than race them off by the Athenian  Riviera? If you are a lover of speed, then “Galazio Go Kart” is just the place for you! Located in the area of Agios Kosmas in Elliniko, this seaside kart center will become a ...


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The Kartland with the automatic timing, the different kart categories (200cc, 270cc, 400cc) and the necessary equipment, provides strong driving kart experience with high standards. There are special prices for students, large families and unemployed.