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For the protection of the sea turtle

• Attica, Athens
Archelon is a society that activates for the protection of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta that lives in the Mediterranean Sea and goes to lay its eggs on the sandy beaches of Greece. The director of Archelon, Mr Theodoros Benos-Palmer, talked to about the creation of this society, its aim and activities.
Posted on Dec 06, 2010 Category: Interviews

Greece, a destination for extreme sports

• Attica, Athens
Apart from sun and beaches, can you think of Greece as a sports destination? Indeed, over the last years, there is a large effort to present the vast opportunities that the country offers in extreme sports.
Posted on Oct 20, 2010 Category: Interviews

The wild birds and animals of Attica Zoo

• Attica, Athens
Wild birds and animals just one hour from the centre of Athens… The Attica Zoological Park is the only zoo in Greece and it was created in 2000 by Jean-Jacques Lesueur, a French man who had created a large and unique bird collection.
Posted on Jul 02, 2009 Category: Interviews