Screen polls for Parthenon Marbles at airport

• Category: News
Are you pro or against the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece? This is a question that travelers and visitors at the El. Venizelos Airport of Athens are asked to answer, using an application at four interactive screens. One of these screens has been put at the Arrivals Exit and the other three screens at the Departure Lounges, considering that travelers have more time at their disposal when they are waiting to get embarked.

Greek and foreign travelers can take part in this poll, where they will also be asked to put together in two moves a puzzle that shows the western metope of the Parthenon Temple and bringing the sixth missing Caryatid statue at its natural position.

This poll was an initiative of the administration of Athens international airport. The results of the poll will be published every three months, and are at the disposal of the Greek Ministry of Culture or any other organization that wishes to make use of them. The four interactive screens will remain at the premises of the airport until the aim, that is the Return of the Parthenon Marbles, is accomplished.