New statues in the museum

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Two statues of Kouros (young men) were rescued last minute from two smugglers of antiquities and they were presented yesterday in the National Archaeological Museum by the Greek Minister of Culture, Pavlos Geroulanos, who stressed that trading antiquities is a crime non-permittable in our country. The statues were found a few days ago in the region of Korinthia by two middle-aged farmers, who then tried to sell them at the price of 10 millions of euros each, but the police caught them right before the exchange. The statues are tall (1,82 m and 1,78 m) and date from the end of the 6th century BC. According to archaeologists, these are identical statues with common features in the face. They bear damages from digging machinery and some recent cracks. Currently the two Kouros are guarded in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The photo is from