Lyceum of Aristotle soon open to public

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Fourteen years have passed since the archaeologists have excavated the Lyceum of Aristotle in a large area in the centre of Athens, just behind the Byzantine Museum and between Rigilis st and Vassilissis Sofias ave. This Lyceum constitutes the first university of the world, established by the famous philosopher Aristotle in the 4th century BC. There the Athenians would study philosophy, music, painting, writing and many sciences. Next to the Lyceum, there was a gym for exercising the body. Although this important archaeological site has been excavated since 1996, still it has not opened to the public due to lack of funds. However, this week, the Central Archaeological Board approved the plan for the reconstruction of the site to make it appropriate for visit. This plan will be funded by the Greek Organization of Football Matches Forecasting (OPAP) and aims to make this site into a lush green archaeological park of 36 sq.m. as the Lyceum will be unified with the neighbouring Byzantine and Christian Museum.  Three small roofs made of glass and metal will be placed and trees will be planted all over the site. Visitors will see the site from above, walking along a wooden path. The only accessible spot will be the Palestra, where wrestlings would take place in the ancient times. It is estimated that the Lyceum will be ready next summer. The photo is taken from