First floor of Attalos Museum opens to public

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For the first time after 30 years, the first floor in the Stoa of Attalos Museum in Thissio, Athens, opened to the public. Till now only the ground floor of the Stoa was working as a museum, but yesterday the first floor also opened. The renovation of the space and the exhibition of sculptures constitute part of the project The revival of Ancient Agora, the place that gave birth to Democracy. This project, that also includes digital projection of archive material of the Ancient Agora through new technologies, will be officially presented to the public in September. The exhibition includes small sculptures and, most importantly, the significant collection of Roman portraits of the Athenian Agora and it is divided in the following sections: - Idealistic figures of gods and mortals (4th-3rd century B.C.) - The Athenian workshops reproduce classical works. Roman copies of classical works (1st-2nd century A.D.) - Roman portraits of rich Athenians, presented according to the emperial standards (1st-2nd century A.D.) - The town honours the civil servants. Portairts of civil servants (2nd-3rd century A.D.) - Roman portraits of private and renowned citizens of the Roman Athens (3rd century A.D.) - Collection of sculptures from private institutes of late antiquity.