Expansion of metro stations

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The operation of the metro system from Ethniki Amyna station to the Airport will stop from February 14th and for six months in order to construct new stations along the metro network. In this period, the passengers to and from the airport will be served by buses and the suburban railway, which will increase their itineraries. The Greek Minister of Public Works declared that they expect the station of Nomismatokopio to be ready by September 2009, while new stations will be constructed to expand the current metro network, including the stations of Cholargos, Haidari, Peristeri and Anthoupoli (till the end of 2009), the stations of Ilioupoli, Alimos, Argyroupoli and Elliniko (till spring 2010) and Agia Paraskevi station (till summer 2010). The Metro System is the most important transportation and environmental work in Athens and that is why it is given much attention to its construction. Have in mind that the Athens Metro is considered among the top underground railways in the world as it is modern, fast and brand new. It was inaugurated in 2000 and has three lines, connecting many neighbours of Athens. It is thought as the greatest public work in Greece and has contributed a lot to the reduction of traffic and the faster roots along Athens.