Women of Passion, Women of Greece

May 27, 2023 — Jul 29, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Kerameikos

The successful theatrical play Women of Passion, Women of Greece, about three important Greek female figures, comes back for only ten shows between May and July 2023. It takes place at Theater Train at Rouf , which is an old train whose wagons have been remodeled to house a bar, a restaurant and many events. It constitutes one of the most unique cultural venues.

The play follows the mythical figure Medea, who murdered her own children, blinded by love for her husband, as well as two personalities from Greeceā€™s modern history. Maria Callas was a worldwide famous opera singer that has left a great legacy, and Melina Mercouri was an actress, singer and politician that extensively fought for democracy and culture.

The play starts in ancient Greece and moves towards modern times, with the three heroines meeting each other, all portrayed by the same actress. They are connected by passion, each one directing it at something different, be it love, life or art. The performance is accompanied by delightful music, creating a magical atmosphere that will transport viewers to each distinctive setting.

This interesting theatrical play returns to Greece after touring all over the world only for limited shows. It takes place every Saturday at 19:15, starting from May 27 of 2023 for ten weeks.

Tickets need to be purchased in advance. The play is in English.