Van Gogh Alive the Experience

Nov 07, 2017 — Mar 04, 2018 • Category: Events

After having captured with its magic more than 10.000.000 visitors around the world, the show/exhibition “Van Gogh Alive” finally reaches the Greek audience, produced by “Grande Exhibitions” and “Lavris Ltd”. This is not your ordinary museum exhibition experience, for sure.
Using the innovative system SENSORY4™, the exhibition combines multichannel motion graphics, 40 high definition projectors and surround sound. Through multi screen visuals, the creations of the famous painter are displayed in front of viewers’ eyes in an unexpected way. The audience is also given the chance to interact with the exhibits and live the ultimate light, image and sound experience.
“Van Gogh Alive” is an exhibition for grown ups and kids, as they both get the chance to explore through graphics, images and sounds, the paintings and sources of inspiration of the painter. It is the perfect combination of entertainment and education.
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