The Meet Market NYE Edition Athens

Dec 30, 2018 — Dec 30, 2018 • Category: Events
Meet Market, the most popular nomadic market in Athens, is back for another month!
This monthly entrepreneurial celebration brings together designers, talented artists, and local producers, to promote their innovative ideas and products! This alternative meeting, which is open to public, has been organized successfully since 2007, when it was first established.
What makes Meet Market so unique is the joyful atmosphere and the gathering of more than 40 individual artists and producers!
This month's Meet Market will be taking place inside and outside the renovated Six d.o.g.s. in Athens. Of course, music and freebies will complete the scene and make this nomadic market even better! This month, there will also be a surprise for the visitors: a cooperation with Athens Voice Radio will bring a funky vibe to the market, as the radio producers of the station will be transmitting their shows live from the heart of the event!
And if you are still wondering why you should attend this event...Well, it's the perfect chance to buy any last-minute presents for your loved ones, or for yourself!
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