The Meet Market: Easter edition

Apr 08, 2017 — Apr 09, 2017 • Category: Events

The much-loved and anticipated event of the city is back this spring, and in a lovely Easter edition; The Meet Market, the colorful and uplifting organization continues its successful course and invites us to the Technopolis of Gazi this weekend (8 and 9 of April) for a two-day celebration of handmade goods, food, music and positive vibes.
This year, The Meet Market hides many surprises for its visitors; from an Easter Egg Hunt to special prizes, everyone is up for a good time along with some pre-holiday shopping. With more than 130 participants, the event supports various Greek independent brands and showcases the creativity of the new wave of small businesses - a much-needed gesture in these challenging times.
As always, there will be continuous live DJ sets that create the characteristic friendly and upbeat atmosphere that has people coming back every year -do not also forget to drop by the Food Room and taste the mouthwatering delicacies and traditional local products from all over Greece. Entrance is, as always, free.
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