Secret Meetings in Venice

Feb 17, 2009 — Mar 01, 2009 • Category: Events
The Cultural Organization of the municipality of Athens is presenting the photo exhibition of Mrs Eva Terzi entitled Venice- Secret Meetings. The photo exhibition will take place in the Cultural Centre of Athens, Acadimias 54. This exhibition has been a long work that started many years ago. The artist presents pictures from the fascinating town of Venice, Italy, during the Carnival, when the town is turned into an endless celebration of colours and illusions. The photos are mostly portairs of dressed-up people, people happy or moody, mysterious or spontaneous, walking or waiting for someone somewhere in the town. Even if they are standing still against a corner, these lonely figures have a sense of motion. They are waiting for their secret love, they are talking in a low voice, they are setting up a conspiracy, they are making a hand movement... People from another time, dressed in luxurious costumes and yet so familiar... The exhibition will inaugurated yesterday evening and will last till March 1st. It is granted by the Greek newspaper Kathimerini and the magazine Photographer.