Photography exhibition “Zitima Photos” by Ioannis Karnesiotis

Jan 09, 2017 — Jan 17, 2017 • Category: Events

Ioannis Karnesiotis, better known as asteroid within the Greeka community, presents his new photography exhibition under the name “Zitima photos” (roughly translated as “a matter of light”), in the municipal art gallery of Kallithea “Sofia Laskaridou”.
Karnesiotis, who took interest in photography from an early age, has focused from time to time to travel photography, the street urban culture while lately, his interest has been set on the depiction of the Greek traditions and customs, as well as their manifestation in the everyday life.
“Zitima Photos” is an exhibition with a twist; one the one hand, visitors will have the opportunity to observe the bits and pieces of the Greek topos and the way light interacts with the setting while on the other hand, they are invited to witness the detailed and cared capturing of the Greek music and dance tradition and attributes, as they have managed to thrive until today.
The entrance is free to the public and the exhibition will be available up until January 17th, so check this is your “to do” list as soon as possible!
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