Photo Exhibition of Harisiades in Benaki

Feb 18, 2009 — Apr 19, 2009 • Category: Events
Benaki Museum is presenting a photo exhibition with the work of the renowned Greek photographer Dimitris Harisiades (1911-1993). Born in Kavala, he studied Chemistry in LausanneΒ  but it was photography that attracted his interest. He took his first professional photographs as a soldier in the Greek-Italian War (1940) and pictures the difficulties of those fights. He also took photos of the Greek society during the Nazi occupation.

Later on, Harisiades became the official photographer of the Greek National Theatre and pictured many important performances. From 1949 to 1985, he owned a photo agency and in 1955 he was the only Greek to participate in the exhibition The family of Man in New York. His photos were representing of the Greek society and the Greek spirit, all taken wth accuracy and sensitivity. When he died in 1993, he donated his archive to Benaki Museum. The exhibition will last till April 19th.

Location : Benaki Museum, Piraeos st, 138
Working Hours : Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 10 pm- 6 am and Friday, Saturday 10 pm- 10am

More info at: Benaki Museum