New Year's Day with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra

Jan 01, 2024 — Jan 02, 2024 • Category: Events
Location: Psychiko

People who will be in Athens on the first day of the year will have the chance to enjoy select sonatas of classical music since the legendary Vienna Chamber Orchestra will present its talent and unique flair at the Theater of Athens College on the 1st and 2nd of January 2024!

The orchestra will consist of 23 prestigious virtuosos centered around the multi-awarded classical saxophone soloist Theodore Kerkezos! The audience will experience intriguing sounds with an aura reminiscent of the majestic Vienna since the Vienna Chamber Orchestra will focus on performing waltzes and famous melodies from composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss, as well as Argentinian-based tango! On top of that, throughout the concert’s duration, a group of dancing couples (led by the Argentinian Gabriel Marino) will be on stage showcasing their dancing abilities to the orchestral sounds!

Founded in 1946, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra has since been transformed into a chamber orchestral powerhouse, with various top-tier talented musicians and maestros running the show! Playing their first-ever show in Athens, the orchestra will be conducted by the world-class maestro Myron Michailidis, helping to display two days filled with some of the finest tunes of classical music!