My Own Iliad exhibition at airport

Nov 20, 2013 — Mar 31, 2014 • Category: Events
The Athens International Airport hosts the new exhibition of the Cypriot painter George Koumouros, following its journey after touring the Archaeological Museums of Delphi and Igoumenitsa in Greece. The exhibition entitled My Own Iliad is dedicated to Homer's Iliad and will run until March 31st, 2014.

The exhibition includes photographs of the 10 out of 35 sketches with pencil on paper created by George Koumouros in 2008. The sketches correspond to the equal number of episodes in Iliad. A video projection, presenting a number of sketches with detailed captions, completes the exhibition, introducing visitors to the universal messages and values of Homer.

The exhibition My Own Iliad is presented in the frame of the Art and Culture program of the Athens International Airport. The program aims to offer special artistic experience and promote the Greek culture to visitors traveling to and from Athens. The exhibition is open on a 24hour basis daily at the Arrivals Level of the Athens Airport.