9th International Poetry Festival of Athens

Sep 24, 2023 — Sep 29, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Kolonaki

A yearly happening in the center of Greece’s capital, the beginning of the 9th International Poetry Festival of Athens will take place on Sunday, the 24th of September 2023, in the revered building of Athens Concert Hall!

The festival will start with the showing of the film documentary called Poetry Finds You, directed by Thodōrēs Gkonēs and Tasos Paleoroutas. Moved by the art of poetry, the visitors of this extensive lecture will have a chance to witness fifteen of the finest Greek and international poets reading some of their all-time favorite works!

The 9th International Poetry Festival of Athens (Poetry on the Streets) will cooperate with the Poets Circle collective, having actresses reciting monologues and serving red wine to each guest, whereas live musicians will frame the stage in order to create a mystifying atmosphere! Witness poets such as the legendary Titos Patrikios, Dimitra Ch. Christodoulou, Veronikē Dalakoura, and Thanasis Chatzopoulos, as well as actresses Anastasia Rafaela Konidi and Anastasia Chatzara.

Note: The end date of the festival is indicative as it has not yet been announced.