HYPNOS PROJECT at Onassis Cultural Center

Apr 18, 2016 — Jun 19, 2016 • Category: Events

The new, most fresh exhibition has been launched in the city of Athens. Hypnos Project - an amazingly complex, varied and interesting project with a main focus on the exploration of sleep has been launched on the 18th of April and will last until the 19th of June in Onassis Cultural Center. For lovers of sleep, insomniacs, and equally for psychologists and hypnotists, this exhibition includes everything you might want to learn about this most controversial state of being: sleep.
The main exhibition will be located on the main exhibition venue of the Cultural Center and it comprises of 65 works of art by Greek artists, addressing the subject of sleep and the various theories arising from it.
Within the framework of the project, there are parallel performances, audiovisual installations and talks, all contributing to a big dialogue relating to the interconnection of our conscious self with the semi-unconscious “other” self we develop when we are asleep.
An exhibition on the First Cemetery of Athens has also been made possible while a theatrical play inspired by the prose of George Bataille will be taking place.
Not far from the center, Onassis Cultural Center provides you with a unique event in a unique venue for a unique experience.
For more information, please visit: sgt.gr