Homecoming: Cycladic Treasures on their Return Journey

Nov 03, 2022 — Oct 31, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Kolonaki

The exhibition of Homecoming: Cycladic Treasures on their Return Journey, a showcase of mass importance for Greek history, will be housed at the Museum of Cycladic Art in the center of Athens (specifically the Stathatos Mansion), lasting until the 31st of October, 2023!

Greece’s Ministry of Culture and Sports reached an agreement with the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where newly-brought ancient artifacts of Cycladic Art will be at the forefront of the Greek museum world! In particular, ten antique female-showing figurines and five classic Cycladic-style vases (made out of marble, clay, and soapstone) will be the center of the showcase, with the exhibits’ origin ranging from 5300 B.C. to around 2300 B.C.

Starting on the 3rd of November 2022, this agreement has the long-term plan of a slow and gradual return of 161 Ancient Cycladic relics, carrying immense history and value, to their country of birth. An affordable entrance fee, paired with a free entrance for select groups of people, will also help the exhibition’s popularity to stay at a high level!