Divine Dialogues - Cy Twombly And Greek Antiquity

May 25, 2017 — Sep 03, 2017 • Category: Events

From May 25th to September 3rd, the Museum of Cycladic Art will be hosting the much-anticipated exhibition “Divine Dialogues”, which will feature 30 works of art of the renowned American artist Cy Twombly. This unique exhibition will showcase how these artworks interrelate with a series of corresponding actual ancient findings that exhibit artistic excellence. This fruitful coexistence underlines the common places that art shares over time by bridging the past with the present and creates an intriguing dialogue between the exhibits.
What is outstanding regarding this exhibition is also the hosting of the infamous “François Vase”, the masterful work of Ergotimos and Kleitias, a rare krater of 66cm height which was discovered at an Etruscan tomb in 1844 and is considered a milestone achievement in the field of pottery and vase decorating. This rare finding has been hosted in the Archaeological Museum of Florence and this is the first time to ever be presented outside Italy.