Cycladic Society 5,000 Years Ago exhibition

Dec 01, 2016 — Mar 31, 2017 • Category: Events

In celebration of its 30 years of cultural and artistic presence, the renowned Museum of Cycladic Art announces the much anticipated exhibition “Cycladic Society 5,000 years ago”, which is conducted under the sponsoring of the Associated Paul and Alexandra Kanellopoulos Foundation. The exhibition will attempt to shed light on various aspects of the everyday life of the Cycladic society during the Early Bronze Era through the artefacts of the time which constitute the sole source of information, as there are no relevant written documents. This fascinating exhibition showcases the artistic creations as a unique means of understanding the structure of the Cycladic society, as well as a way to try to figure out the beliefs, rituals, fears and hopes of these early people. The exhibition borrows findings by many museums in Cyclades as well as the National Archaeological Museum, and will be open to the public from the beginning of this month until March 2017.
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