The Battle Of Chaeronea Exhibition

Dec 14, 2023 — Mar 31, 2024 • Category: Events
Location: Kolonaki

Working together with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Cycladic Art has started showcasing the fantastic and well-researched exhibition of Chaeronea, 2 August, 338 BC: A day that changed the world.  The exhibition will last until March 31st, 2024!

This exciting exhibition commemorates the historic Battle of Chaeronea in the region of Boeotia by hosting a total of over 240 exhibits from a plethora of museums, foundations, and collections across the country! A battle of high importance between the army of Macedonia and the allies of Southern Greece, the Battle of Chaeronea included revered figures such as King Philip II, Demosthenes, and a young Alexander the Great!

In addition to all the statues, battle equipment, and art inspired by this legendary clash, the exhibition also portrays the two different burial techniques of the armies, namely the Tumulus of the Macedonians and the Polyandrion of the Thebans, in great detail! Moreover, Chaeronea will kickstart a series of brand new exhibitions for the Museum of Cycladic Art, titled Human Histories, which will all focus on the way previous generations lived and prospered, along with its repercussions and influence on today’s world!

Visitors may purchase the simple entrance ticket or enjoy a detailed guided tour about one of Ancient Greece’s most pivotal days!