Carol Wax Dance of Shadows

Mar 05, 2011 — Jun 19, 2011 • Category: Events
From Saturday, March 5th to Sunday, June 19th 2011, the Herakleidon Museum of Visual Arts in Athens will launch an exhibition entitled: Carol Wax Dance of Shadows. The exhibition includes 100 works on paper created by the contemporary New York artist Carol Wax. Old sewing machines, typewriters, toys, tools, cameras and other items of this kind are all the main source of inspiration for Carol Wax. According to the artist, the common items that we use every day seem remarkable to her. In reality, discarded objects symbolize our soul and affect us in many ways. Whenever she finds something in the street, she takes the time to ask herself how it came into being, who bought it or how people felt losing it. The Herakleidon Museum will have the opportunity to host a complete collection of her print works as well as a great number of her paintings and an original copper plate, a gift from the artist. The Museum has published a complete catalogue of Carol Wax's prints created between 1975 and 2005. During the exhibition, the museum will host some tours and workshops both in English language in which Carol Wax will show her skills in mezzotint engraving. Opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday-Saturday: 13:00- 21:00 Sunday: 11:00- 19:00