Bryan Adams Live

Dec 05, 2023 — Dec 07, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Marousi

Spanning no more than four years since his last visit to Greece, Bryan Adams and his select group of musicians will revisit the two biggest cities of the country, Athens and Thessaloniki, for two high-energy, blood-pumping concerts on the 5th and 7th of December, 2023, namely the venues of OAKA Basketball Arena and PAOK Sports Arena respectively!

These two consecutive concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki are part of the first leg of Adams’ European tour promoting his newest LP, So Happy It Hurts, which was released on the 11th of March, 2022! An established artist since his heydays of the late 20th century, the singer-songwriter of worldwide fame has been one of the best-selling musicians ever, having sold over 75 million record copies and singles throughout the length of his career! In addition, Bryan Adams has won a total of twenty Juno Awards while also being a three-time runner-up for the Oscar prize during the 90s!

Best known for hit songs such as Summer of ‘69, I Do It for You, Cuts Like a Knife, and Straight from the Heart, this Canadian-born artist has been creating music and touring the globe for over 40 years, showcasing a blend of arena rock infused with elements of pop!

Interesting Fact: Bryan Adams is an outspoken activist, providing charity work to the disadvantaged through The Bryan Adams Foundation, as well as being a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ human rights and against animal exploitation.