Beholding Liberty

May 24, 2021 — Dec 31, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Syntagma

Beholding Liberty is an exhibition that set out to familiarize visitors with the events that led to the Greek people obtaining their freedom. It started in May of 2021, 200 years after the Greek Revolution of 1821, as an anniversary event and is taking place in the Hellenic Parliament. It showcases artifacts through which guests can better understand the importance of the revolution and the deep meanings of liberty.

The central part of the exhibition is the murals that adorn the walls of certain rooms of the Parliament building. They present focal events of diplomatic and historical interest, as well as prominent figures of the revolution. Additionally, one will discover a variety of weapons, documents and other objects, specifically including 367 artifacts, many coming from personal collections. As an introduction, visitors can explore the reasons and ways the revolution came to be and the factors that made it flourish.

Guided tours in the exhibition are hosted daily, except Saturdays, and those who wish to attend a tour or personally need to contact the organizers on one of the following numbers: 0030 210 373 5247 or 0030 210 373 5245. A virtual tour is also offered through the official website.