Athens Open Air Film Festival 2018

Jun 04, 2018 — Aug 29, 2018 • Category: Events

This summer Athens Open Air Film Festival is returning to travel us with amazing films under the Athenian night sky.
From June to August, we will have the opportunity to watch classical movies with free entrance, in different places of Athens, like museums, beaches, archaeological sites, terraces and many more. What in new this year is that for the first time in the life of the Festival, we will have the chance to attend one of these movies at the Little Theater of Epidaurus.
Some of the movies that are announced are: "The Crying Game" from Neil Jordan, "Strictly Ballroom" from Baz Luhrmann, "Electra" from Michalis kakogiannis and "The Royal Tenebaums" from Wes Anderson.
So, are you ready for the most-waited film Festival of the year? Find out more here: