Athens Open Air Film Festival 2017

Jun 13, 2017 — Sep 01, 2017 • Category: Events

Athens Open Air Film Festival -admittedly one of the most exciting and anticipated events of the summer- is back for the 7th year with an updated program that will mesmerize the audience and add a dash of cinematic allure to our evenings. The unique festival turns beloved corners of the city to outdoor cinemas - whether museums’ gardens, parks, terraces or sidewalks- transforming the urban landscape into a nostalgic, endless open air cinematic experience.
This year, the festival collaborates with the British Council and launches the special tribute “British Gothic”, with screenings of infamous classics of the genre such as “Dead of Night”, “The Company of Wolves” and “Horror of Dracula” to name but a few. The audience will also have the opportunity to attend screenings of other significant movies of the European and international cinematography. The festival ends in September 1st while the entrance is, as always, free.