Art exhibition about Averof Battleship

Oct 05, 2011 — Dec 31, 2011 • Category: Events
An art exhibition dedicated to the warship Georgios Averof, which served as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Navy for many decades, will be presented in the Nautical Museum of Greece in Piraeus. The exhibition will be inaugurated on October 5th, on the occasion of the 100 years since this historical battleship became part of the Hellenic Navy. It will display paintings of famous Greek artists who managed to capture the battleship in action and witnessed some very important events of the Balkan Wars and World War I. The art works are part of the huge collection of the Greek Nautical Museum, the National Gallery and Alexandros Soutsos Museum. Through this exhibition it is widely established that the Averof battleship is not only a legend, a living monument but also an idea that highly inspired artists to highlight one of the most important moments in Greek history.