Athens Video Art Festival

Athens Video Art Festival: The emerging Athens Video Art Festival is a trendy and dynamic annual event that showcases the talents of digital artists from around the globe. It takes place in the months of April or May in Technopolis of Gazi. The festival usually lasts for 3 days and is set to inspire your creativity, especially if you are a digital art lover.

The festival was first put together as a private art festival in 2005 and gathered huge popularity as well as media attention for the quality of the exhibits. It has been taking place annually since then under the promotion of a non-profit organization, Multitrab Productions and the Greek ministry of culture.

The festival usually gets a 10,000 strong attendance, while about 1,200 entries are submitted every year from Greece and other countries of the world. The best among the entries are displayed in a venue in Athens, with presentations of video and graphic art, photo art, live performance art. The program is followed by DJ music events in the evening.