Athens Video Art Festival

Athens Digital Arts Festival: The emerging Athens Video Art Festival is a trendy and dynamic annual event that showcases the talents of digital artists from around the globe. It takes place in April or May in Technopolis.

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an annual international festival the goal of which is to explore the relationship between art, science and technology. It has been representing Greece in digital arts continuously across the globe since 2005 and is the first institution of its kind in Greece.

When the festival was founded, its name was "Athens Video Art Festival". However, as it began to integrate new forms of art and expand its content, it was renamed to Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF). ADAF now hosts 12 categories of digital arts and specializes in presenting events that introduce or showcase advanced technologies, like 360° experiences, 3D projection mapping, holograms and AI applications.

With thousands of annual visitors, ADAF wants to bring its audience as close as possible to contemporary digital culture, creating a unique experience in an exciting environment that encourages interaction. The institution curates an educational program for adults and children, which includes workshops, seminars, and lectures.