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Excellent place love it
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Posted by bowls12 on

Category: Skiathos General

Off next week to Skiathos for the 3rd time. Just love everything about this island, so laid back, plenty to do, great food and wonderful weather and scenery. If you have never been, you must go.

jondhaw wrote on Jun 13, 2013

Been there three years ago, loved the sandy beaches, not much to see besides.

stefan wrote on Sep 26, 2013

You must go, indeed.

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Sun Sea Sand and Skiathos
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Posted by TJMCKAY on

Category: Skiathos General

So, another years holiday is over and will soon be a distant memory. 2 weeks of sun, sea, sandy beaches, a bit of shopping and relaxation in Skiathos, what more could you want? Did I say 2 weeks of sun? Yes, that would have been nice.

There had been no rain in Skiathos since the begining of May, but there was plenty when we were there. In fact we had 5 days of it!! We were assured on a daily basis it hardly ever rains in the day on Skiathos, normally overnight and if it does rain in the day it only lasts a few hours or 1 day at the most. Unfortunately this year some one forgot to tell the rain God. Mick and I had been looking forward to this holiday for a long time, after a really hectic year and had had some really good feedback about the island. Maybe, we picked the wrong time to see it at its best.

Althouh green, there was very little colour. All the oleanders, bourganvillia and other plants were either dying or had finished flowering. This, coupled with the imense amount of apparant waste land, the delapidated and run down builings, those only partly built give the islnd a feeling of neglect and sadness. I feel short changed, as we had expected something a bit more.

We stayed in Koukounaries but with hindsight should have stayed in Skiathos town. Koukounaries is really just a series of apartments and hotels with restaurants attached. There is the odd bar and stand alone restaurant, but not much else. The supermarkets were poorly stocked and gift shops non existant. Night life is limited to your hotel bar/reataurant. While we are not "party animals" we do like a bit of atmosphere and like to wander around bustling shops or sit in a taverna/cafe and watch the world go by.

Having got the negatives out of the way, now to the positives. The beaches at Koukanaries are extremely good. Koukounaries beach is huge and well equipped, with lovely views. It is also an easy stroll from the hotels etc. Then there are the Banana beaches. Big Banana is a full on activity beach, with 2 beach bars in close proximity both playing their music as loud as they can. The later on in the day the louder it gets, as they both try to out do each other. Again the facilites are good. Then there is small Banana. This is where you can go to get an "all over" tan. There seemed to be a lot of older couples on this beach, although the single sex couples were mostly younger. There is a small beach bar with restaurant and a toilet. It is a bit of a treck to get to both Banana beaches especially when hot.

On the way to the Banana beaches, if you do a left turn at the first sign you see for the beaches and follow the road up it takes to a run down unused hotel called the Xenia (I think). Find your way to the steps on the right behind the hotel and this will take you down to Mystic beach, a small beach with lovely views and an expensive bar and restaurant, used mainly by the boats that anchor up for the day. Also just up the road from the hotels in Koukanaries is Agia Eleni beach. You can get to see amazing sunsets from here.

The whole island is probably no more than 15 kilometres long and has 26 bus stops going from Skiathos town harbour to number 26 at Koukanaries beach. It is only 2 euros to do the whole journey and takes about 25 minutes. The buses run every 10-15 minutes. It is a really good way to get around. We used the buses to go into Skiathos Town on several occasions especially in the evening. The new and old ports are full of restaurants and Papadiamanti Street has a superb range of shops to suit everyone.

Take the time to wander behind the main streets and find the little shops and tavernas. 1901 is a very good restaurant and is situated up behind the church. The Rock and Roll bar is by a flight of steps, which are covered in cushions for people to sit on. The church is up the top of those stairs, although are other ways of getting to it. There is a must see antique shop by the church next to Maria's Pizza restaurant. It has the most amazing collection of things for sale.

The food generally was really good. Our hotel The Panorama served a good selection of dishes that were well cooked, as did the Golden Beach and The Muses hotels, which are either side of the Panorama. If you want simple food then Agustera bar is ok, but for a special meal go to the restaurant just up from bus stop 16, they do the most amazing cheesecake and have a lovely menu. The staff are very excellent, you get a complimentary ouzo on arrival and an almond liquer and coffee and the end of the meal.

So, that's my take on Skiathos. We probably wouldn't go again, but there were lots of people in our hotel and on the beaches who have returned time after time. Everyone has diferent expectations of what they want in a holiday it is just a shame that for us Skiathos didn't match ours. But unless you go, you don't know!!!

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Blessed with gorgeous water
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Posted by fangreece on

Category: Skiathos General

This summer I visited Skiathos for the first time, this natural green island of Greece. University was over so my friends and I decided to go somewhere and celebrate the end of exams. I didn't really know much about this island, except that it had good nightlife and fantastic beaches. We made plans to stay for four days which eventually became a whole week. My family had already booked us a lovely apartment for three people close to Koukounaries, a beautiful area with dense pine forest. People were scattered along the beaches, Skiathos suits all tastes while beaches are blessed with gorgeous crystalline waters and unique surrounding. Banana and Koukounaries are the most famous beaches. Swimming at night was a wonderful experience, this is a memory I will never forget. We ate a couple of times at the restaurants located in the town waterfront but we were disappointed because the food was not so nice plus it was expensive. I recommend you visit the traditional taverns located between the alleys of the town, with tasteful dishes and good prices. Locals are nice and generous.

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Destination for nature lovers
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Posted by ameriv22 on

Category: Skiathos General

Skiathos was more than I expected. My family and I visited the island 6 years ago and ever since, Skiathos has become a favorite place for my summer holidays. This year my work didn't allow me to spend more than 4 days here but I was still happy that I enjoyed all of them. For those who don't know this place, I can only say that it is a green paradise.

I can surely recommend many places for you to visit starting from the crystalline beaches. Banana, Vromolimnos and Aselinos are the perfect choices to relax. Lalaria is one of my favorite beaches to swim with transparent waters and rocky surrounding. It is accessed only by boat but it is worth visiting at least. The centre of Skiathos is very cosmopolitan and during the peak season it is filled with a great number of tourists.

Skiathos is an island gifted by nature for its green vegetation and fantastic paths to walk. The taverns in Skiathos offer great food, some of them might seem a bit expensive but they all promise quality in taste. It is a nice alternative for families as well.

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Beautiful island for families
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Posted by goldgin on

Category: Skiathos General

Hello, I wanted to comment on Skiathos because it might be the best island if you like very good sandy beaches combined with lots of flora. We stayed at Troulos location with our 2 kids in June 2010 at Zachos Hotel. It doesn't have a view to the sea (apart from one or two rooms I think) but it was cheap, and nicely located in the middle of the island (Troulos), close to Koukounaries beach. Troulos is not near the city which is a negative for shopping and late night clubbing but it's quiet and naturally cool. There's a market right next to the hotel for the important stuff plus a couple of very good bar-restaurants with free pool use and live football.
Skiathos is amazing, even the sun is kinda different, people told us about it but we didn't believe, it's just perfect! I wish we had more time to visit more places but to be honest, we'd probably be spending most of the time like we did: big breakfast, morning swim, food, drinks and chilling with the kids for the rest of the day at the bar across the street :)

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A green paradise
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Posted by anniekust on

Category: Skiathos General

Skiathos became one of my favorite places to go for summer. Minutes before we reached the port I was surprised by the green beauty outspread to my eyes and I was looking forward to explore every little corner of the island. Skiathos Town is the only tourist settlement of this small island. However, in the peak season it becomes very crowded but I was lucky enough to have witnessed two days of great cultural events which took place there.

The beach of Koukounaries was nice, full organized with bars and cafeterias but extremely crowded for me. On the other hand, I really liked Aselinos beach, which is on the northern side of the island. The waters are quite deep and crystal clear plus it is the ideal beach for those who want to have some quiet and relax.

Also there are many taverns and I have to admit that I was very satisfied with the local food. Those who love ancient culture will be happy to see the Bourtzi, a fortress that was built in the 13th century, monasteries and the home of a famous Greek writer. His house is now a museum with great documentation of his life.

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Pure Mindless Fan
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Posted by ben2009 on

Category: Skiathos General

As a traveler I am never sure if it was geting a package holiday just to relax somewhere without any sightseeing or new experiences. Last year, I felt like trying to be a lazy tourist abroad and guess what, I got so lucky for a last minute booking. First time in Skiathos and I have to say I don't know if the 2010 summer will look like after the Greek financial crisis but the august of 2009 was magic. Great food but overpriced coffee. Great measurements in drinks and everywhere I would see happy faces.
Expect surreal moments like I experienced the Last Man Standing a drinking competition in a George's bar where someone Bouzalas guy I figured was somekind of local poker celebrity and won a lifetime supply of beer who later denounced after agreeing to his girlfriend nagging about his health. I remember once met an old guy who after talking in a rainy night outside the only Irish pub of the island about asking how would I bring my wife there who phoned me and wanted to join as she got bored alone in the room, this Vagos guy (or was it Gavos?) lent me HIS CAR KEYS to help me out.
An island with excellent beaches especially Koukounaries, Banana and Agia Eleni made it my best Greek experience, after my first time in Plaka of Athens last decade.

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Impressions and memories
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Posted by chelsea34 on

Category: Skiathos General

The beaches and the crystal clear sea are a huge draw to Skiathos. They are all blue flag. The main ones are all reachable by frequent local bus service. Skiathos Town, whilst very busy in July/August, is picturesque with lots of nice yachts in the harbour and is nice to stroll around. It also has its fair share of clubs and some nice bars. There are plenty of places to eat. If not staying in town, there are also lots of places to eat around the island in the small hamlets. There are some monasteries but have not visited them yet. Plenty of boat excursions- cannot go to Greece and not get on a boat. You can get to Skopelos and Alonissos from Skiathos. Both very beautiful islands. There is an open air cinema owned by a man from Aberdeen.

The island is very green and also hilly but the views from the hills are just breathtaking. There are plenty of areas which are good for walking. Some areas also have water taxis to take you back and forward from Skiathos town which is rather quaint and feels very Greek and a nice change from the bus. The bus is great and cheap but a sense of humour and a sense of adventure required as it gets really busy, especially in high season.

Greek food can be very tasty but simple and my experience has been mostly positive. Outside of Skiathos Town, it was quite expensive last year. There is so much competition in the town that bargains can be found. Coffee is nearly always instant although I dare say you can get greek coffee. There are lot of tavernas on the beach. Greek yoghurt/greek honey and fresh fruit makes a nice dessert. There are lots of different types of restaurants especially in the town.

The beach bars could improve their food and keep the music down a tad. I don't mind music, it is just that it caters only for a minority taste and sometimes was exceptionally loud. Each beach bar played its own music too on Koukanaries. It kind of spoils this beautiful (peaceful!!!) location. They must be on the ball to ensure they keep their blue flag status for the beaches. Hire a choir and yhis will let you get around to other more quiet beaches and also let you see a bit more of the island. Do not phone a taxi to collect you. If you are not in Skiathos town you will pay for the taxi to come to you and then the cost of your journey. If waiting for a bus at night, taxis will be cruising to negotiate your fare.

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Superb island
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Posted by Goran_D on

Category: Skiathos General

I am going to Skiathos 6 years in the row and my sister loved it so much that she and her husband had a villa built there. The beaches on Skiathos are faultless and there are plenty of monasteries to visit. There is also a Dog Shelter where you can go and walk the dogs or just go for a visit. Skiathos is very green, but the bad thing is that all these trees bring insects. Take lots of insect repelent, you will need it all!

Food is delicious, every year it gets better. Taverna Alexandros just behind the church at the Old Port in town is excellent. Typical Greek music and wonderful value for money cuisine. The owners are so friendly and the taverna is just off the main trek so very relaxing.

The only problem I have on Skiathos (although it is getting better from year to year) is with credit cards. Be prepared that some small places (gift shops, small taverns, beach bars) will turn down your credit card and will ask for cash. It came as a shock for me in the first time when the kind waiter told us that they didn't accept cards, but it seems that this is the rule there. The only place that cards are accepted without any suspicious glance are the high class restaurants and hotels.

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For fun and good beaches
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Posted by olkadrop35 on

Category: Skiathos General

Skiathos is a small island and you can see most of it in 3 or 4 days, so you will have time to island hop in the other two islands, Skopelos and Alonissos. Skiathos has definitely better beaches from the other two, because they are more organized and it is easy to go. Instead, the beaches of Skopelos and Alonissos are more rocky than sandy and bus timetables are not that frequent or trustful.

Skiathos has great nightlife. I loved the beach bars and the clubs in Kastro. I liked the green and the forests just above the beaches. Koukounaries is surely the best beach to swim, but Ftelia and Agia Paraskevi were also adorable. A boat from the town makes the trip to the north, where you will see some amazing sea caves, the Lalaria. Ferries to Skopelos are very frequent. Both islands are beautiful but different. Skiathos is for fun, Skopelos and Alonissos for relaxing.

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