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    Among the most Greek islands, Mykonos island is located almost in the centre of the Cyclades complex. It is particularly famous for the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the exciting nightlife, the picturesque Cycladic architecture and the magnificent beaches that makes holidays in Mykonos a magnificent experience. There are many things to do in Mykonos Greece, an island perfect for people of all ages: walk along the narrow streets of Chora, see the sunset from Little Venice, stay in luxurious hotels and swim in exotic beaches. Super Paradise, Paradise and Kalo Livadi are fabulous places to swim and spend a day under the hot sun. In the evenings, head to Mykonos Town and enjoy a night out in the many bars and clubs.

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    Travel guide to Mykonos, Greece

    One of the top destinations in Greece, this island is famous for the vivid nightlife and the gorgeous beaches. Geographically located on the northern side of the Cyclades, almost in the centre of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is the ultimate holiday place for all ages and preferences, especially for youth looking for all day and night entertainment.

    Many private yachts and cruises also arrive in Mykonos Greece almost daily in summer, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Things not to miss on the island are the fantastic beaches on the south, the sunset from Little Venice, the view from the windmills and a night out in Mykonos Town. Mykonos holidays are often combined with holidays to Santorini and other Cycladic islands.

    General information

    Check our Mykonos travel guide and find all the tourist information you need to organize your trip to Mykonos, in Greece: villages, beaches, sightseeing, museums and more. Also see our photos, maps and 360 pictures to get a better understanding of the island.

    Things to see and do

    Mykonos Delos island

    The island of Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. Mykonos island, the Ibiza of Greece as it is called, is particularly famous for the picturesque town and the fantastic beaches. It is also famous as a gay friendly destination. The main town is a characteristic sample of Cycladic architecture, with whitewashed sugar houses, lovely churches and cobbled streets. On a hill above the town, there are traditional windmills, while the most beautiful quarter in Little Venice with restaurants and bars right by the sea.

    The most fabulous beaches are located on the southern side of Mykonos island. Super Paradise, Paradise, Platis Gialos and Lia amaze visitors with the soft sand and the crystal water. Beach bars are open all day and attract many visitors for swimming, kitesurfing and other activities. In the evening, people head to the Town, where there are also many bars for gays and lesbians.

    A nice trip is a boat trip to Delos, a small island that is considered an open archaeological site. According to mythology, Delos is the island where god Apollo was born and this is why there is an entire sanctuary dedicated to this god. In this travel guide of Mykonos island, you shall see all the important things to see and do on the island. Holidays in Mykonos, located in the centre of the Aegean Sea, can be easily combined with other Greek islands, including Santorini and Crete.

    Organize your holidays

    Check our Mykonos travel guide and organize your holidays in Mykonos: see the hotels we suggest, book your ferry tickets to Mykonos, make reservations for car rentals and tours and check our island hopping packages that include Mykonos island. If you do not want to get into all these details, ask us to organize your trip.


    Mykonos has hotels of all kinds to satisfy every need, as this is the most cosmopolitan island of Cyclades. These venues are scattered all over the western side of the island, but most of them are found around the Town. Numerous luxurious suites, spa resorts and boutique hotels are also found in Agios Stefanos, Agios Ioannis and other beaches close to the town. In these luxurious hotels, you can enjoy infinity pools, massages, open jacuzzi and other upscale facilities. Accommodation is also available in the popular beaches of Paradise, Super Paradise, and Platis Gialos to spend your Mykonos holidays by the sea. In these lively areas, modern villas and romantic resorts are found side by side to budget hotels, apartments and studios with simple facilities.

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    Highlights in Mykonos

    Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Mykonos island

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