Greece Winter Packages FAQ

Here are the most frequently-asked questions that we receive regarding our winter packages in Greece.

How is winter a good time to visit Greece? I thought Greece was only a summer destination.

It is true that the majority of tourists consider Greece as an only summer destination. However, over the years, there is a large effort to show the off-season side of Greece. Winter in Greece is a great time to explore untouched places, feel the authentic Greek lifestyle and visit archaeological sites without the problem of summer heat that makes it difficult to walk for long.

In fact, winter in Greece is moderate. In December, January and February, which are the coldest months, the temperature is about 10oC and it very rarely snows in the towns. Snow only falls in the mountain peaks and this is when the ski centers open. By the way, did you know that there are more than 10 ski centers in the Greek mainland? Therefore, you can combine sightseeing and ski holidays.

Where do you suggest me to go in winter in Greece?

We have prepared for you winter packages that depart from Athens and Heraklion. These two places have busy airports that work all year round and this makes access from other countries easy. The Airport of Athens, in particular, receives many international and charter flights all year round. Also, as Athens is located in a central spot, it provides many opportunities to visit mountainous towns and ancient sites in the Greek mainland.

Another nice town to visit in winter is also Thessaloniki, conveniently located in Northern Greece and an easy base to visit wonderful places, such as Meteora, Vergina, and Pella. If you have in mind other places to visit, apart from the packages we have prepared, or you need more suggestions on where to go, feel free to contact us.

Is it a good idea to visit the Greek islands in the winter time?

The best time to visit the Greek islands is from April to October. These months consist of the official tourist season in Greece plus the weather is great for swimming in the sea. Hotels, restaurants, and other tourist businesses are open and ferry/plane connections from Athens or other countries are regular. In winter, most hotels and restaurants in the islands are closed down and only a few remain open all year round. The weather is cold to swim and ferries are not so frequent. Only permanent residents live in the islands at that time of the year.

Therefore, if you wish to travel to the Greek islands in winter, you must have in mind that you will find it short of closed down. We do not discourage you from doing so, just have in mind that you will not see the summer picture of Greece: you will do hiking instead of swimming and you will see only locals instead of tourists. If you want to visit the islands in winter, our suggestion is to pick large islands, such as Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu, which remain lively all year round.

Are there regular departures for the winter packages?

The winter packages are individual packages, not group packages. They can be customized according to the special requirements of each traveler. This means that they can be adjusted according to your arrival and departure details.

Do your programs and rates include international flights?

No, programs do not include international flights from your country to Greece and return. First of all, that could not be possible since travelers may arrive from different parts of the world and that means a variable cost, which could not be calculated or measured in the program cost. Secondly, we strongly advise our clients to purchase their international tickets from their local agent, an agent operating within the country from where the flight departs from. Usually, tickets are cheaper when purchased at the country where the initial flight originates. However, if for any reason a client would demand such a service we would be glad to offer it, suggesting each time the best buy fares along with smooth air schedules.

Can I extend or reduce my stay in any of the destinations included in the packages offered?

All packages are individual packages and can be adjusted to your requirements, thus enabling you to extend or reduce your stay in whichever destination, according to your wishes.

What is the procedure to reserve a package?

When you are ready to book a winter package, we shall email you the reservation contract (including payment conditions). Then you will be requested to fill in the contract, sign it and return it by fax or email to our office. Once we receive the document, we initiate our reservation procedure. As soon as everything is reserved and in order, we will give you final confirmation, deduct payment and email vouchers.

Once I make a reservation, how do I get vouchers and other travel related documents involved in my trip?

Upon your arrival, a file with all your travel documents, including vouchers or other printed material, info and brochures, will be delivered to you during your initial transfer with us.

Apart from the winter packages, what other packages do you suggest to me for winter in Greece?

Have a look at our fly & drive programs, which are ideal for visitors who wish to get off the beaten track and discover a different face of the Greek sceneries. These programs enable you to discover Greece on your own pace and reveal the most authentic parts of the country.