Types of Greek ferries

You will find below all types of Greek ferries:

Car ferries: It carries vehicles, apart from passengers. They are mostly used to cover short distances and are more economical than bridges or tunnels. They are not though so much ecological-friendly and that is why some research is being done, so that marine power and solar energy can be used by ferries.

Catamaran: It is a multi-hulled or two-hulled ship. Catamarans have a larger width compared to classical types of ships and therefore they are more stable on the water. They can also reach a greater speed because they do not get much drag. Modern catamarans are thought to be an evolution of an Indian type of ship; in fact, their names come from the Indian language. There is a type of catamaran that carries only passengers and another that carries both passengers and vehicles.

Flying Cat It is a catamaran type, with a special design that resembles a cat.

Highspeed ferries: They are also a catamaran type. Their speed is 50% higher than the speed of a conventional ferry.