Greek ferries security policies

Ferries vessels are very well organized in terms of security on board and they are equipped with the most reliable safety systems. The crew of the Greek ferries is trained regularly at simulated emergency situations at sea and continuous patrols are made around the vessels during the voyage.

To be more specific, Blue Star Ferries S.A. and Superfast Ferries S.A., as well as all their ships are applying the International Safety Management Code (ISM), related to the provisions of SOLAS for the protection of human life at sea. In addition, Blue Star Ferries S.A. and many of its vessels are certified as per ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. This certification constitutes recognition of the high level of services and security offered by both companies.

ANEK LINES is also certified in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 and to the Council Regulation on the Safety Management of Roll-on/Roll-off/ Passenger Ferries.

Regarding the fire safety equipment, all ships are very well equipped with prevention, detection, and fire extinguishing systems. MINOAN LINES Company provides its passengers with the most high-standard equipment in terms of security. Apart from the detection systems of possible sources of fire, the influx of water in the garages and double bottom areas, MINOAN LINES ships are equipped with fire-safety doors and water-tight doors. Moreover, flame retardant materials have been used for the building of the recently constructed ships.
All the vessels of the Ferries have fire safety doors/hatches that seal automatically to isolate areas of the vessel in case of fire, fire warning buttons, and automatic smoke detectors. Furthermore, there are portable fire extinguishers, permanent fire extinguishing system in the engine room, as well as sprinklers and a drencher system in the garage area for the protection of the passengers’ cars.

The Greece Ferries are equipped with all kinds of life safety means, including personal lifejackets with their own light and whistle, life buoys, as well as rescue boats found all around the vessel.