Summer and Winter Sports in Pelion: The magnificent magical quality of Mount Pelion is the basis for the many myths and legends spun around it. It is said to be the summer resort of the twelve Greek gods and the abode of Argonauts and the Centaurs. The dramatic landscape with the verdant mountainsides ending in beautiful sandy beaches lapped by the blue crystalline sea is a splendid sight. It is a part of the world where nature is at her stunning best. Pelion has enough to please all its visitors. There are plenty of leisure and adventure activities to indulge in according to the varying tastes of the visitors. There is always ample scope for skiing, swimming, diving, paragliding, trekking, strolling, biking, etc.

Winter Activities
The snow-capped mountains in Pelion provide an excellent skiing opportunity in winter. There is a ski center located at Agriolefkes on Mount Pelion set in a wonderful picturesque region of Greece, where the mountain and sea exist in perfect harmony. The scenic splendor of the place is remarkable and is conveniently located just 27 km away from the city of Volos. The center is very busy and popular with skiers during the winter months and an inn open all year round in Agriolefkes providing skiers with the required amenities.

Facilities are available for at least eighty people to stay overnight and there are a car park and cafes also for the convenience of visitors. The total length of the four slopes together comes up to 5,000m. There are also three pull lifts and one double seat lift to carry the skiers to the top. There are enough facilities here for all kinds of skiers including the experts and the novices. Other winter activities that take place here include snowboarding and mountain artillery skiing.

Summer Activities
The dense mountainsides fall gently away towards a coastline full of picturesque ports, sandy beaches, and astonishing sunsets. It is a haven for summer tourists as they can revel in the sheltered waters of the Aegean Sea or the Pagassitikos Gulf. Other activities that visitors can indulge in include: diving, sailing, and fishing. In this region, Mount Pelion rises in lush magnificence northeast of Volos. A walk or a ride on a horse or a bike, through a dense set of paths amongst lush vegetation on Pelion, is a memorable experience to be cherished for a long time.

A network with footpaths and cobbled kalderimia is being built across this beautiful land for tourists to discover the spectacular natural beauty of the landscape and the magic of varied wild vegetation. Even the most demanding seekers of exciting holidays feel satisfied by the exhilarating exploration of the land through trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and walking. Mount Pelion has enough magical splendor to attract tourists of all sorts be it those who come seeking a quiet and peaceful holiday or those seeking an adventurous and thrilling holiday.