Although Mesologi is a very important place on the Aetocarnania prefecture –it is the capital in historical terms- its main tourist attraction is based on the natural environments provided by the lagoon, and the historical sites hosted by this town. When it comes to shopping, Mesologi offers all the necessary features to fulfil the basic needs, and the regular shops selling clothes and gifts, which can be found scattered all around the area.

However, they do not constitute a focal point in this town. When it comes to the main products, as they are mainly related to food and drink, , they can be purchased at the regular stores, and they can also be tried at the restaurants in the area, as these serve dishes that are sometimes complicated to prepare.

The small settlements close to Mesologi also count on some shops, although they open mostly during high season. Many people visit this settlement on their way to Varasova mountain, and take advantage of these shops, as well as of the available facilities on this area. The village of Galatas is close to this location, and it counts on a small store, a gas station and some nice taverns.

Finally, the close island of Etoliko is also a popular location where some interesting shops and good taverns can be found.Take into account this information about the shopping on Mesologi, and once you have enjoyed its vast options in terms of sightseeing, go along its different shops and pick some gifts to take home.