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Five days are over 2 / 5 stars
This island is not for so many days, unfortunatly it has potential to be a jewel but lacks any character... I was very disappointed with the food on the island, the natives have no love for work and tourism, way too tired and show no enthusiam. Taxi and buses work like a monopoly, it's best to rent a bike or bring a car. The beaches are beautiful but are dirty with cigarette butts everywhere except where there is free camping, which would be my suggestion to whom ever wants to visit CAMP!!! Don't waste your money, it's a C class island.
Category: Agistri General
Short trip to green paradise 4 / 5 stars
I was really excited to travel to Agistri. For those who haven't been there yet, it is between Aegina and the green beaches of Peloponnisos. The trip takes about 1 hour by hydrofoil from Piraeus. It is actually ideal to spend a weekend there with friends and family. We ate in a couple of taverns with local food and fresh fish. The beach at the port was organized but not very good. We discovered two magnificent beaches, Dragonera, a large beach with green waters and rocky landscape. You see some umbrellas and sundecks, but it is so peaceful, an ideal place to relax and clear your mind from the thoughts.

Aponisos was actually my favorite beach in Agistri with exotic green water and wonderful natural surrounding. It is not actually a beach but a rocky coast where you jump from. Some urchins on the bottom, but nothing to worry because the sea is deep. If you follow the road up in Myli (Megalochori), you will find the club Castle, one of the most popular spots for a night out.
Category: Agistri General
Paradise to laid back 5 / 5 stars
I have been visiting Agistri on and off for 25 years. This island is absolutely fabulous. It is a lovely tranquil place with nice sandy beaches and lots of tavernas and bars. Also for the young there are two discos. The standard of the food in the restaurants is very good and most dishes are homemade. The things to do are swimming, eating and drinking. There is also a diving club in Skala. Best club is the Agistri Club, a special place with fantastic views and wonderful place to see the sunset. Agistri is the prefect place to relax. Do nothing all day but lay on the lounge under the shadow. If you are looking for the fast life, then it's not the place to go. It's wonderful for a laid back holiday and that's why people always return to the island again and again. Maybe advertise Agistri a bit more because not many people know this paradise.
themi Category: Agistri General
The green paradise next to Piraeus 5 / 5 stars
We visited Agistri for the first time this summer and we are totally going back soon! We couldn't believe that there is such a greeeeeen place, so close to Piraeus port. The ferry needs only 1 hour and around 15 minutes to reach Agistri, and the ferry itineraries were quite often (at least for summer).
Make sure that you have your tickets to come back, before you go there! There are a lot of people visiting Agistrifor even 1 day trips that is hard sometimes to find a ticket for your way back!
We got our ticket, the last moment! I think that they added an extra ferry that evening to please all the passengers!

But, back to the good news! The island is beautiful! Anywhere you look, you either see the green trees or this awesome green/blue of the waters. Yes, water is perfect and clean! As you arrive, you can choose between the big beach on your right, and the romantic bays on your left.
The beach is usually crowed on the weekends, but you can still find some more peaceful spots! The romantic bays are only reachable on foot, by descending some rocks and cliffs I am afraid, but the beauty of the bays worth trying!
Many restaurants and Greek taverns are waiting for you anyway all around the port, to reward you, after your cliff climbing.
Ask the people about the bus stations and routes if you want to visit the near beaches, people are friendly.
elena34rt8 Category: Agistri General
Totally hooked 5 / 5 stars
Well, Agistri island full justifies its name which in Greek it means hook! It can easily caught you from the first visit to this small island where all these green trees meat the blue sea. If you are keen on walking distances wear your sneakers (not all sandy beaches some of them are with large pebbles, ouch!!) in order to find the most unreachable from massive crowds beaches down the cliffs and then the crystal water upon your skin will full compensate you. Taste also a local orange cake which is awesome! Prices were also really low but they should provide more information when you arrive at the port such as maps, places to visit and available transportation. On the way back, we heard that there is actually a lake there, it's a pity we miss it!
haratr Category: Agistri General
Swim and walk a lot 4 / 5 stars
We prefer small Greek islands from the busy and crowded destinations. Agistri is such a lovely place where you believe that busy life is miles far from there, while instead it is only an hour away (from Athens!). Beaches are superb and clean. You know, the typical beach pictures: children playing with the sand, grandparents watching them, romantic couples under the umbrellas. I have nice memories from Agistri. I was there three summers ago and I hope it hasn't changed a bit. Most hotels were in Skala, while best taverns were in Aponissos. You can eat really fresh fish in all of them. I saw a local fishing them and then selling them in his tavern the very same day! The island is small, you can walk to see it. Walk in the evening because in the daytime, it is very hot.
34gyt Category: Agistri General
Get away from city noise 4 / 5 stars
I had been again in Agistri about 10 years ago and I went again last weekend for the Greek Easter. We needed a place quiet and calm, just to get over the noise of the city for a while. Our four days there were truly amazing and we came back rejuvenated! There were not many people because tourism hasn't started yet, only the locals and some visitors, which made us feel part of the local community.

It took us some calls to find a hotel room, because most hotels hadn't opened yet, but fortunately we found one in Skala, close to the square. The weather was warm but not suitable for swimming, so we rented a scooter and explored the island.

In the mainland, it is even more beautiful, with small chapels here and there and some abandoned stone houses that would give the island a romantic sense. Don't do anything to change Agistri, leave it as calm and nice as it is now!
Category: Agistri General
Keep the island unspoiled 5 / 5 stars
The island of Agistri is an ideal place for total relaxation. There are a few hotels, bars and restaurants to cater to all tastes and the locals genuinely welcome their foreign guests. We stayed at the Andreas Hotel, where all food is home cooked by the owner's wife and family. You can't get better food than that on the whole island! Hotel Agistri organizes a Greek night once a week for some really traditional moments. Keep the island as it is, do not let it get spoiled by tourist facilities, it is perfect now!
Category: Agistri General
Quiet and stunning 5 / 5 stars
I loved Agistri, as for me it was a way to get away from crowded Aegina. Imagine that it is only a 30 minutes ferry ride from Aegina town and still so much quieter and stunning. My husband and I could rent a scooter, go hiking or even horse riding. It is perfect to relax on the sandy beaches of Agistri and enjoy a Greek frape watching the sunset. We also enjoyed the food, especially the restaurant right above the ferry port. They have fresh fish that they catch every day.
Category: Agistri General
Its dry climate is good for health 5 / 5 stars
We did not want to go far from Athens and were looking for a relaxing holiday, so we chose Agistri island. As we were not interested in attractions but a quiet week to unplug from the daily routine, we found Agistri a cozy place with great beaches. We just found it strange that the beautiful beach in front of the Oasis Hotel is also used as a port for private boats. I think this should stop because it ruins the beauty of the place. Also provide more energy on the island in order to avoid electricity black-outs. The amazing thing is that during our stay on Agistri, all back and bone problems dissapeared. I was told this is due to the particular dry climate of the island. Now my wife wants to go to Agistri every summer to get well. Believe it or not, this is a true story!
Category: Agistri General
Go for the weekend 5 / 5 stars
Agistri was a nice, small island but do not go there for many days. We made the mistake to book our room hotel for one week, but to tell the truth you don't need more than three or four days to see all of the island. I do not object though that it is a lovely place to go, with gorgeous beaches and amazing paths to walk. You will certainly relax and have fun. However, do not expect the wild fun of Mykonos or Ios, just a couple of calm days and early bedtime.
Category: Agistri General
Mostly for couples and families 4 / 5 stars
We went to Agistri by boat from Piraeus, looking for a peaceful island to spend some days. It was indeed an idyllic, small island with sandy and shingle beaches and great rocky outcrops, perfect for snorkeling. People were friendly and there weren't many foreigners, most tourists were Greek. The distances were short and there was also a water taxi to get around the island and to the neighboring Aegina. The taverns along Agistri served excellent Greek food, especially seafood, and there were some cafes and bars, but not clubs or discos. Agistri is ideal for couples and families, not clubbers! You just need a book, hearty appetite, your swimming suit and a mask to appreciate all the calmness this tiny island has to offer!
Category: Agistri General
Opportunity to get away from Athens 4 / 5 stars
I went there a few years ago and was really impressed by the island.
Many friends were telling me to go there for a daily excursion from Athens but I wasn't so curious about it. I know Aegina well (the island in front of Agistri) and love it but not fan of the beaches.
I arrived there and was impressed but the vegetation. A lot of pine trees. I didn't see much of the island. My friends love naturism so we went to Chalikiada. The beach is really amazing and was really positively surprised but this beauty and just an hour away from Athens. But the proximity of the busy capital could be felt. It was really overcrowded.

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