20th International Film Festival for Children and Young People & 17th Camera Zizanio

Dec 02, 2017 — Dec 09, 2017 • Category: Events

Imagine kids behind the cameras, creating their own short-films and audiovisual art. That’s what the 20th International Film Festival for Children and Young People is all about! The festival will take place in several small towns near Olympia, such as Gastouni, Amaliada and Pyrgos. During the festival, around 70 films for kids, cartoons and documentaries will be projected, all kids and young people oriented. During the 17th Camera Zizanio, it’s kids’ and young adults’ turn to take the stage and present their own short-films.
Apart from the competitive part, there will be many fun events during the festival such as, film direction, script and photography workshops, daily distribution of the “Zizanio” newspaper created by the kids, 5 minute Daily News (kids’ production), music shows and theater, book presentations, meet and greets with famous authors, cinema tributes and more.
All the movies and documentaries that will be projected during the festival are inspired by human, life and nature. They are made to stimulate kids’ creative and critical thinking and promote multicultural respect. Kids’ participation in all movies’ projection and activities is free.
For more info, visit https://olympiafestival.gr/.