Plan for the revival of Bourtzi

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The small fortress of Bourtzi located at the entrance of the port of Nafplion, symbol of the Greek Revolution of 1821, will come alive again after many years of abandonment. According to the research conducted by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism and after this research was approved by the Central Archeological Council, the island of Bourtzi will host a permanent exhibition about its history. Also a restaurant and cafeteria will open for visitors and the place will be accessible by people with special needs. This initiative came as a pleasant surprise for the locals, as this well preserved monument played a leading role in the Greek history. In the past, there had also been important efforts for the development of the monument, which had also worked as a hotel from the 1930s to the 1970s. Today, small boats connect regularly the port of Nafplion to the island of Bourtzi, but there is no further development. It is believed that the plan for the island's revival will last for about 2 years.