Nafplion Map

Nafplion is one of the most famous cities in Peloponnese, the capital of Argolida prefecture and one of the main ports of eastern Peloponnese. The picturesque town was one of the protagonists in the major historical events of Greece. The Bourtzi fortress which is built opposite the port of Nafplion and Palamidi, the other Venetian fortress that dominates the town are the main attractions of Nafplion, strongly connected with its interesting history.

Today, Nafplion is highly preferred by the Athenians and many tourists, due to the close proximity to the Greek capital. A walk in the picturesque town with the countless churches, monasteries, well-preserved buildings and other sites captivates all visitors. Extremely traditional and friendly, the atmosphere of Nafplion offers a nostalgic feeling and great views of the beautiful surrounds.

This section proposes a map of Nafplion with all the major locations.

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Map Of Nafplion